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At the office, we call this the “Bulletproofer”.  After we create more balance in the system, we need to reload the deconditioned/injured system with good input. The OHM (Optimal Human Motion) is the ultimate way to do this. Often with rehab and making fitness gains, we struggle to introduce the correct amount of load to stress the system to progress. The OHM answers that for you.  Whether you are a teenager, middle aged recreational warrior, or lively and active senior, you can train with the OHM, and you won’t be able to get enough of it! 


What is the OHM?

The OHM stands for “Optimal Human Motion”.  

Optimal Human Motion | OHM Dynamics

The OHM Run Delta-Kinetic™ Trainer is a cable system that enables athletes to engage in natural, functional, ground-based movement against fixed-speed or fixed-load resistance. This allows for similar training to a sled in the gym, cable system, bungee resisted exercise but biomechanically SUPERIOR.  It allows you to get access to strength in a FULL range of motion.  Having access to strength in the entire range makes you “bulletproof”.  No other machine on the market teaches movement like this. 



The OHM is the ultimate way to make you robust to the imposed demand in YOUR life.  This is for that person, who needs a little extra rehab, that has gaps in their training, or wants to enhance their performance.


TIME UNDER TENSION is the name of the game to get stronger and build muscle, this just does that. It fills in the gaps. You may be weak, it can make you stronger.  It helps you understand how to generate force. It builds functional patterns in life to make you stronger…. It “bulletproofs” you. We are the only one in Maryland that has it, and it’s part of our system/process that makes us unique.



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