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As a competitive cyclist, time off the bike can quickly ruin a season. When a second lumbar vertebral disc herniated in 2015, the first disc was repaired with surgery in 2002, I knew there was only one path back to the bike. Dr. Cesari is a consummate professional and understands that continuing to move is one of the keys to recovery.  We found ways to work around the pain and keep me training, and after arriving at his office in extreme discomfort on that first visit, I left with considerable less pain, and maybe more importantly, a plan to heal without surgery. Marc is dedicated to his patients and would frequently even see me on the weekends when his office wasn’t open.
Dr. Cesari believed in me and helped me believe in myself as he pushed me to work hard and take control of my pain and my recovery. I’ve seen Marc for all sorts of injuries over the years, referred my own clients and friends to him, and I have complete and total trust in his knowledge, approach and expertise.
Thanks Dr. Marc!


When I came to see Dr. C in July of 2018 I had been suffering from chronic sciatica with radiating pain running down both of my legs.  I was in such bad shape that I could barely stand to do 2500 steps per day.  I had been to several physical therapists and one other chiropractor over the previous year and a half, with little to no results.  I started to see drastic improvements with Dr. C in the first six weeks.  Today I am glad to report that I'm pain free thanks for Dr. C.  I really like Dr. C's approach and outside of the box thinking, his suggestion to try dry needling was a catalyst in my recovery.   I now see Dr. C weekly for stretching to maintain my health. 


When I met Marc I was 6 weeks out from my second powerlifting competition.  I hurt my back during a deadlift session  resulting in an incredible amount of pain.  Marc used a variety of techniques such as: dry  needling, active release technique, and chiropractic work, which had me completely pain free in about 2 weeks.  At this point I was 4 weeks away from competing.  Marc helped me work my way back under the barbell by re-styling my program. Together we adjusted the volume and intensity of both my lower body lifts almost every week until the competition.  Fast forward to the meet - I took first place at my competition, with personal best in squat, bench, and deadlift and set state records in both the squat in the deadlift.  Marc could have told me not to deadlift or not to work out for 12 weeks like some of the other professionals I went to see, but instead, we decided it would be much more fun to break some records. Thank you Marc !!!


After ten years of suffering with back pain and visiting multiple chiropractors, soft tissue and acupuncture specialists, I found Dr. Cesari.  Within a few weeks I had turned the corner.  I still see Dr. Cesari once a week for maintenance of my back issues, and the round trip of nearly 100 miles is more than worth it.


It is difficult to find the words to say how impactful Dr. Cesari has been on my life. I am an equestrian and have sustained numerous leg, neck, and back injuries from my involvement in the sport. My initial injury lead me to have debilitating pain and neurological symptoms that could not be helped by medication, PT, or acupuncture. I was beside myself until I found Dr. Cesari. Dr. Cesari is the only person that has been able to reduce my pain. Besides being incredibly gifted, he is thoughtful, empathetic, and supportive. There has been significant trauma around my injuries and Dr. Cesari has eased my suffering significantly with his kindness and aptitude.

Horseback riding is one of the most important things in my life. Before Dr. Cesari, I was out of the saddle for over two years because of my injury. He is the reason I was able to start riding again. Unfortunately, a year later I had an accident that resulted in three surgeries after I shattered my tibia and ripped off my ACL and PCL. Dr. Cesari helped me to reach my goal of riding again within 5 months, even though my surgeon said I wouldn’t ride for a year. I am continually getting better and plan on starting to compete again in the Spring. I am sure that Dr. Cesari will be just as excited as I will be when that day comes. I can never thank Dr. Cesari enough for giving me my life and my joy back.

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